Heartburn can ruin any situation. If you suffer from it, frequently, you know that it can stop you in your tracks and turn a fun night into a painful one. Even if you try to prevent it by avoiding spicy foods or taking medication to prepare, it might still hit at any moment. Antacid medication will help, of course, but there are thousands of situations where you might not have any to take. Luckily, you’ll find a wide selection of travel size antacid medication at Cheap Travel Sizes that you can bring with you virtually anywhere. Whether you’re going on a trip around the world, or down the street to a barbeque restaurant, our small antacid packages might just save the day.

Our travel size products are obviously perfect for travel, but sometimes they work even better in situations where you aren’t far from home. For example, say your boss wants to take you out to lunch at a Mexican restaurant. You know that heartburn is imminent, but you don’t want to offend your superior by turning down the obviously great opportunity.

By keeping a travel size antacid in your desk drawer, or even your wallet, you can be ready for any such situation. We offer travel size Zantac, Pepto-Bismal, and Alka Seltzer, to combat any feelings of indigestion or heartburn on the go. They make the perfect companion, and you could even keep them in your car for any unexpected culinary adventures that you might find yourself going on. If you suffer from heartburn, frequently, keeping antacids on hand is a great idea. With our travel-size options, you don’t need to keep a big bottle rolling around your backseat. These fit discreetly in even the smallest of places.

Though they’re great for unexpected meals, our travel size antacid medications are also perfect for actual travel, as well. You can fit them into even the most stuffed suitcase, and they won’t add any weight or bulk to your baggage. You can even keep them in your carry-on, in case you have any unexpected indigestion on the plane. There’s nothing worse than suffering from heartburn on board a flight, knowing that your antacids are just below you in the checked luggage.

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