Alertness and Motion

Travel isn’t always about relaxation and pleasure. Some trips are more stressful than others, and sometimes the stress only comes from the process of traveling, itself. While you might be excited to get to your destination, the journey can be difficult. You can’t necessarily change the fact that travel is disheartening, but you can plan ahead for those particularly tough moments. We have a variety of products that can make travel more enjoyable, especially for those who don’t like it to begin with. With our motion sickness medication and sleep aids, your trip will be better than you might think.

If you have trouble with motion sickness, travel is probably your least favorite activity. No matter how you might be taking your trip, there’s a good chance you’ll have an issue with nausea, along the way. Instead of avoiding travel or being uncomfortable for the entire trip, check out our motion sickness travel size medications to prepare ahead. With our travel size Dramamine, you’ll be prepared for any sickness, along the way. Whether you get carsick during long rides, or seasick on a whale watch, these medications will help you cope.

Travel can also be rough if you have trouble sleeping in new environments. In many cases, the stress of travel keeps people up all night, as they wonder if they packed the right things, or as they plan their next day. Especially on business trips, it can be hard to sneak in a few hours of restful shut-eye. For that reason, we offer travel size Sominex and Vivarin. Sominex is a perfect solution for the nights when you just can’t relax, and Vivarin works for days when your sleep wasn’t enough to keep you alert. Especially if you’ll be driving or hosting a meeting, Vivarin is essential to keep you alert and on your toes enough to keep yourself safe – both physically and in your job.

Next time you need to take a trip, arm yourself with these travel-size medications. That way, you’ll be prepared for however you’re feeling on your trip, and they will take up barely any room in your suitcase.