Stock Travel-Size Products at Your Retail Business to Earn Additional Revenues

Posted by Cheap Travel Sizes on October 24, 2013.

Many gas stations, hotels, convenience stores, and other retail operations often overlook the additional revenue they could make by stocking travel-size products. When people are preparing for a business trip or vacation, they tend to look for the brand names they normally use, but in smaller containers to take along with them. Attempting to fit full-size containers into their luggage takes up too much space, as well as costs extra in airline fees for checking baggage. By being able to pack smaller containers that are 3 ounces or less, not only do they have more room for clothing, souvenirs, and other personal items, they also are able to avoid checked baggage fees, since the products are able to be carried onto an airplane.  

Other reasons to stock travel-size products at your retail business is because some people do not bring any toiletries or other personal hygiene items along with them when they travel, or, also, forget to pack them. Instead, they wait until they arrive at their destination and pick up products to use during their stay. As long as they know they are able to find the brand names they prefer at your location, they will avoid the hassles of packing them ahead of time.  

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