Properly Pack Travel-Sized Products to Avoid Delays at Security Checkpoints

Posted by Cheap Travel Sizes on September 10, 2013.

Learning how to properly pack your carry-on luggage, whenever you fly, can help save you time at security checkpoints. First, you should pack your bag by placing any clothing at the bottom. Some bags have recessed areas in the bottoms, like the location where the slide-up handle is stored. Making sure to utilize these spaces allows you to fit more in your bag. Rather than just placing the clothing in your bag, you are able to pack clothing in the recessed areas by rolling up certain items, such as t-shirts and socks.

  Next, you need to put any aerosols, gels or liquids of 3.4 ounces or less in a one quart, clear, zipping plastic bag. You are able to fill the bag as full as possible, but are limited to only one bag per ticketed passenger. Your other travel-sized products are not required to be packed in clear zipping plastic bags. However, because these items are small, it helps keep them more organized and in one location in your carry-on when you also pack them in a zipping plastic bag. The bag containing your aerosols, liquids, and gels should be packed on top, or placed in an outside compartment for easy access, as you are required to remove these from your bag, so they can be screened separately from your luggage.  

In addition to your travel-sized products, you are allowed to carry on medically required liquids in larger amounts. While it is not required to place these in a clear zipping bag, it does make screening processes easier and faster by storing them in a clear zipping bag, as you are able to remove them quickly from your carry-on when passing through a security check point. Medications should also be labeled, to help avoid delays in your screening.