Be Careful When Purchasing Travel Size Toiletries in Bulk

Posted by Cheap Travel Sizes on September 03, 2013.

Purchasing travel-size toiletries in bulk is one way to save some money. However, you need to be careful, and get a guarantee that the items you purchase are not discontinued items, close-outs, or off brand products. While these items might seem like a good bargain, initially, what you often end up discovering, later, is that they either come with a short shelf life, or have long since passed their expiration dates. Instead of saving money, you end up wasting money because you have to throw out anything that is no longer good. Further, you may be stuck with the items because the place where you found them does not offer a return policy, or states that all sales are final.

  But you can easily avoid this situation when you purchase your travel size toiletries in bulk from our online store. We feature a wide variety and selection of items in the brand names you know and love. All of our items come with at least an eighteen month expiration window, to allow you plenty of time to use them up. Additionally, we offer additional percentage-off savings on our already low prices for reaching specific ordering amounts. For example, if your order totals over $150, but less than $500, you are able to receive an additional two percent off your balance, as well as our free standard shipping. Higher discounts are available as your total order amount increases. All you do is enter in the appropriate discount code provided on our website during your check-out process.