Dental Offices Can Use Oral Hygiene Travel Sized Products

Posted by Cheap Travel Sizes on July 25, 2013.

 Promoting proper dental hygiene with your patients is important in order for them to have healthy teeth and gums. One thing you are able to do to make sure they are receiving and using quality items is to provide them with travel sized products any time they come in for a visit. You can put together a small bag containing a toothbrush, toothpaste, and mouthwash. This also allows you to suggest the brand names of the products you would prefer your patients to use at home. In addition to giving out products after normal visits, you could also sell these items to your patients, who travel frequently and prefer taking travel sizes along with them. Not only do you help them out, but at the same time you are able to earn an additional revenue for your dental practice.

People Traveling Appreciate Stores That Feature Travel Sized Products

Adding travel sized products at your convenience store, gift shop, or gas station is one way you can help boost your sales. People who are traveling often do not want to take time away from driving, just to find a retailer for a tube of toothpaste, deodorant or other personal care product, because of the inconvenience. Instead, they are willing to spend a bit more and save themselves the hassle, when they are able to buy it from your store. In addition to personal care items, there are other products that may end up selling well, such as cell phone chargers, head phones, energy drinks, batteries, automotive and baby products, and over-the-counter medications.