Purchasing Bulk Toiletries Allows You to Obtain the Products for Less

Posted by Cheap Travel Sizes on July 25, 2013.

 Purchasing bulk toiletries provides you with a way to obtain a discount off of the regular prices. The percentage discount does increase as the total amount of the order increases. For example, if you were to spend $500 on buying travel-sized products for your business, you would receive a five percent discount. Instead of paying $500, you would get a $25 discount on your order total, before shipping and handling. Now, if you were to increase your total purchase to $1,500, your percentage discount would jump to nine percent. Regardless of the amount you decide to purchase, the main benefit of bulk purchasing is that it translates to a higher profit margin on your end. The percentage discount you receive off your order becomes part of your own profit.

Individuals Can Stock Up on Bulk Toiletries and Receive a Discount 

Product discounts are available on bulk toiletries, regardless of whether you are buying them for your own use, or intend to sell them in your retail store. For individuals, stocking up on your favorite products is a good idea when you travel a lot for business, take several vacations and weekend getaway trips throughout the year, or have friends and family visit your home on a regular basis. All of our products have at least an 18 month expiration window or longer. This gives you at least a year and a half to use all of your toiletries before they expire. Our products also meet TSA compliance, so they are safe to carry onto airplanes any time you fly.