Think Safe with Travel Sized Products

Posted by Doug Baum on January 08, 2013.


Before you take your next trip, especially by plane, you want to familiarize yourself with the different restrictions for items you can take in your carry-on luggage. When it comes to travel sized products in your carry on, the Federal Aviation Administration, or FAA, allows you to bring up to a three-ounce container for liquids such as body wash and shampoo. To make sure that you always follow regulations and prevent delays at the airport, you can by travel items from The items you get from CTS meet all of the travel requirements so you don’t need to worry about measuring out your items at home.

Other Travel Sized Products for Sale

In addition to getting toiletries, there are many other travel sized products you can find with CTS. From baby needs to automotive items, you will find a large assortment of the most popular items available at the best prices online. Contact a representative today for more information.