Stock Travel Goods and Products at Your Truck Stop

Posted by Cheap Travel Sizes on January 16, 2014.

Long distance truck drivers spend long hours on the road in between their deliveries. It is possible for some drivers to be away from home for several weeks at a time. During these trips, having access to personal items, toiletries, pain relievers, and other such products can be difficult. It is not always possible to park a full size semi-truck and trailer outside of a shopping center to purchase full sized containers of preferred brands.

However, all truckers do pass through truck stops at some point to get fuel, take a break from driving, take a shower, and get something to eat. As a result, you can increase your potential earnings by offering all of your truck drivers and other travelers easy access to travel-sized goods and products.

Because these items are normally 3 ounces or less, they do not take up much room in the cab of the truck and are easier to store than full-size containers. Further, the truck driver does not have to worry about them getting knocked over, getting under their feet, or being difficult to carry in and out of truck stops any time they intend to freshen up. Instead, they all fit nicely inside a small travel bag and are lightweight for easy carrying.

You are free to choose the types of items you want to stock and carry at your truck stop, as well as how you want to sell your travel goods and products. Typically, they are sold individually. But, you might also want to put together your own special travel kits with travel bags and sell them this way.