Businesses in Tourist Cities Should Stock Travel-Sized Products

Posted by Cheap Travel Sizes on January 07, 2014.

In tourist cities, having travel-sized products on hand provides added value for guests staying at your luxury resort or convention center, or shopping at your onsite gift shop. With all the hassles of rules and regulations regarding what items can be carried onto planes and packed into checked bags, people tend to find it is easier to only pack essentials, like clothing, and purchase toiletries and other such items after arriving at their destination. By offering the products directly, not only do you keep your guests on your property, but also prevent them from spending their money elsewhere on these items.


People also forget to pack essential items, sometimes, when they are traveling. Once they arrive, they might inquire where they can purchase toothpaste or deodorant. Since you offer travel-sized products, you merely have to direct them to the location where these are sold on property. Additionally, you could feature different payment methods for your guests, such as allowing them to charge any purchases to their room folio account. It is a known fact that people tend to spend more money, if this option is available, because of its ease of use and convenience.


Since travel-sized products are conveniently designed, they are suitable for short term use and result in little waste. Your guests will appreciate this, because they are not stuck purchasing full-size items they may not be able to take home. Instead, they are free to purchase their favorite brand names in the desired quantities they require for their stay, while you earn additional revenue.