Get Your Travel Sized Toiletries for the Same Wholesale Prices as Stores

Posted by Cheap Travel Sizes on December 20, 2013.

Get Your Travel Sized Toiletries for the Same Wholesale Prices as Stores

There are differences in the prices you are charged for travel size toiletries, depending upon where you shop. Your local stores typically charge you full retail prices. What this means is that they paid a set amount to obtain the items to put them on the shelves, often at wholesale or discounted prices. Before the products are made available to consumers, the store marks up the items so they can earn a profit. By paying full retail, not only are you paying for all related expenses it took the store to offer the items for sale, but also the store’s profit.


Luckily, your local store is not the only place which supplies travel size toiletries for sale. You are able to find a wide range of top brand names at our online store, here at Cheap Travel Sizes. We offer some of the lowest prices possible and supply wholesale pricing for everyone, regardless of whether you own a business, or are stocking up on these products for your own personal needs. You even receive free standard shipping to your home or business for orders over $20. Not only do you end up saving money compared to regular retail prices at your local store, you are also not hit with shipping charges.


You do not have to worry about ordering large quantities of the same items, like you do at some other places, in order to receive our wholesale prices. You are free to order as little or as many of each travel size product you require. Additionally, we specialize in large orders, to accommodate churches, relief organizations, and other humanitarian groups who tend to send large care packages to our armed forces, natural disaster victims and other communities in need of aid.