Increase Earnings by Selling Travel Goods at Your Hotel

Posted by Cheap Travel Sizes on December 16, 2013.

You are able to increase the revenues and earnings for your hotel or motel by offering your guests access to travel goods. People tend to forget to pack toiletries, pain relievers, and other related items, which they will end up buying while they are staying with you. Why should you lose out on potential sales to a competitor when you could make the money yourself?


But, in order to attract sales, you want to make sure you feature brand name products because people are familiar with these. If you offer off-brand, generic, or other such items, more than likely they are not going to sell as well. On the other hand, providing access to products with popular names like Scope®, Crest®, Vicks®, Tums®, and Tylenol® will guarantee people are more likely to buy the items from you. Regardless of whether they are staying with you for vacation, or business, the last thing they want to do is waste time making a trip to a store if they can get what they require directly from your resort’s gift shop or front desk.


You will find a wide selection of top brand names in convenient travel-sized packages from our online store. We offer some of the lowest prices on these items and give you the flexibility to order as little or as much as you require. Just remember, any orders over $20 receive free shipping. Once you reach $150 or more, you also start receiving additional percentage off discounts, on top of our regular wholesale prices.