Things to Look for When Comparing Travel Sized Toiletries

Posted by Cheap Travel Sizes on November 22, 2013.

When comparing travel sized toiletries at your local retail stores, there are specific things to verify. First, you need to check the expiration date on each item. The date can be located in different areas, depending upon the type of item. If the product is close to or past its expiration date, you should not purchase it, because the quality of the product is no longer guaranteed. One way to avoid having to spend time comparing expiration dates is to order you products directly from our online store, here at Cheap Travel Sizes, where all of our items are shipped so they arrive at your door with at least an 18 month expiration window.


The next thing to compare on travel sized toiletries found at your local retail stores are the types of products stocked. Are they brand names? Or does your local store only feature off-brands, generics, discontinued and close-out products? If they do stock brand names, what sort of selection do they offer? Are you limited to only what they have on the shelves, or do you have the freedom to choose the brands you prefer?


Again, you do not have to worry about these issues, if you purchase your items directly from us. We feature the highest quality brand name, top-selling products obtained directly from the manufacturers, and guarantee the cheapest prices available on the internet. All of our items are FDA approved and factory sealed. Further, all products, including liquids, aerosols and gels, are TSA and FAA approved for carry-on luggage for air travel.